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Using this Mega Mod Menu game players can unlock, unlimited Diamonds, Gems, Coins, Money, Auto win, High Damage, and everything.
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Android 5.0

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Project QT Mod is an ultra-expensive edition of the official Anime game, and it adds more powers, and skills with multiplayer support and also unlocks characters, gems, money & coins. Apart from this, the developers also improved the game’s mechanics, look, and gameplay to an extreme level within it.

With this versatile Android app, you’ll find tons of resources that will keep your character girl alive for longer and make it easier to tackle the challenges posed by demons around the world. In this way, you will be better able to deal with the aliens and demons who aim to destroy the beautiful planet earth.

What kind of Anime game is it and what are the services of Project QT Mod:

It’s true, Project QT APK is the best RPG and puzzle based anime game ever made. In the storyline, it is unmatched by all other anime games today. Since its story is inspired by historical dreams. As a result, it becomes a completely unique game where you have to step in as a lifesaver. And you only have to play as a supergirl.

In this regard, you will be given some unusual superpowers through which you have to survive on Earth while protecting humanity from demons and evil forces. The world is in great danger and in the evil hands of demons who come from other planets to destroy humans and enforce their laws and kingdom on earth.

Your character should be like an angel to break and crush their evil intentions by kicking them off the earth. For this, you have to go to different places or corners of the world to find the devils who are spreading the virus and making false accusations.

Although you need special powers, weapons, skills, characters and more to eliminate all the monsters from the game and these things are rightly worth getting in Project QT Mod App. Yes, the official game also establishes the characters to an extent. But they fall short as you progress through the deadly stages of killing monsters.

If you love this adventurous game and want to play its realistic fighting with ease, then this app is the best of the best. With Mod Menu assistance, you will no longer be in Star 1, but in a short period of time, you will get Star 5. And star 5 achievers are top players of the game.

Standard Features in Project QT Mod:

Improved graphics:

No doubt, the official Project QT game was providing quite good quality graphics. But this modified enhancement boosts it further thus making it more special and interesting to play now. Now its graphics belong to the original and look as real as if you are not actually playing the game but experiencing the real thing.

Unlocked Characters:

In every game, there is always a shortage of characters for new players. They continue to be unlocked over time with consistently good progress. But this Mod Menu tool unlocks a huge set of characters without any struggle from which you can set a basic character and choose it for gaming.

Multiple Modes:

Project QT Mod Anime game is aimed at a wider audience and this is evidenced by its multiple-mode support. Multiple modes mean the game is playable online as well as offline.

Help for beginners:

It will not only offer pre-packed advantages but also teach how to become a pro player of the game. In this regard, in this app, many helpful tutorials and training sessions are offered to the player for free. Even professionals can access them and follow the instructions given in the field and achieve great success.

All in-game currencies:

Project QT Mod gives unlimited money, coins and gems as gifts for all players. Players using this currency will no longer experience deficiency in-game items. Visit the in-game selling shop and own any items you rarely need or love the most.

A romantic game full of cute super girls:

Well, this game is a combination of cute and super girls. All the characters in the game are in girls’ appearance. From this point of view, it is also known that it is a romantic game. So this is another beauty that is loved by most youngsters nowadays.

Other in-game resources:

In the game, always be positive and try to make your Supergirl more powerful and established. To give it a boost in the game there are One Hit, Infinite HP, God Mode, and Auto Win is available to reach the highest levels.

Last words:

Being a true patriot you never compromise with those who want to destroy this beloved earth, it doesn’t matter if they are in the real world or in the games. To tackle them in this Anime game, download Project QT Mod APK from Apkprofile. This modified app is more productive and helps you become better and do better. Build yourself, defend yourself and destroy the devils with your own two hands and cleanse the world from all devils.

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